Arely French Bakery                    


(Side of Baguette, Home Potatoes or Fresh Fruit)

Les Omelettes and Eggs
Ham and Swiss   
Spinach and Blue Cheese
Mushroom and Garlic
Chicken and Bell Pepper
Ratatouille-eggplant, zucchini,tomato and herbs
Croissant Sandwich-egg,cheese and ham or bacon
Eggs Benedict
Arely Scramble-2 scramble eggs,bacon,avocado hollandaise on eng. muffin
Two Eggs-any style,Sausage or Bacon
French Toast

Side orders and Quiche

Fruit salad
Fresh Fruit Side
Home Potatoes
Ham and cheese Quiche
Spinach and cheese Quiche
Vegetable and cheese Quiche
Also have quiche for sale as a slice or whole

Les Sandwiches
  1. Parisien-ham,brie,lettuce,tomato,butter
  2. Bordelais-turkey,hard-boiled egg,grapes,tomato,lettuce,mayo
  3. Nicoise-tuna,olives,bell pepper,tomato,mayo
  4. Lyonnais-salami,pickle,tomato,lettuce,butter
  5. Brestois-country pate,tomato,lettuce,french pickle,dijon
  6. Vegetarian-mushroom,pepper,pickle,olives,tomato,lettuce,dijon
  7. Croissant-Ham or Turkey,swiss cheese,tomato,lettuce,mayo
  8. Chicken-sauteed mushroom,lettuce,tomato,mayo

      9. Croque Monsieur-grilled ham,swiss cheese
     10. Proscuitto-proscuitto,mozzarella,tomato,basil,dijon
     11. Ham & Pineapple-ham,pineapple,swiss cheese,tomato,mayo
     12. 3 Meat-turkey,ham,pastrami,tomato,mayo,dijon,jack or cheddar
     13. Pastrami-pastrami,swiss cheese,tomato,basil,olives
     14. Brie-Brie & turkey,roast beef or ham (on request)
     15. Roast Beef-swiss cheese,tomato,onion,green bean,mayo,dijon
     16. Grilled Chicken-chicken,swiss cheese,mushroom,mayo,tomato
     17. 3 Cheese-swiss,jack,cheddar,tomato,cucumber

Les Salades & Soupes
   (served w/ French baguette) (add chicken to any salad)

        Spinach-baby spinach,blue cheese,walnuts,apple,tomato,red onion, balsamic vinaigrette
       Nicoise-tuna,spring greens,hard-boiled egg,tomato,olives,raspberry vinaigrette
       Caesar-romaine lettuce,parmesan,diced tomato,croutons caesar dressing
       Brie Cheese-melted cheese on a baguette,spring greens,bell pepper,tomato,scallions,raspberry vinaigrette
       Small Green Salad-mixed greens,tomato,bell pepper,raspberry vinaigrette

French Onion Soup
Soup de Jour
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